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District Grand Master of Germany, RW.Bro. Michael A. Cooper
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Subject: District Grand Lodge Annual Meeting 27 June 2020

Dear Worshipful Brother Secretaries,

On Behalf of R W Bro Michael Cooper District Grand Master of Germany, W Bro John Mac Kinnon Deputy District Grand Master, The Assistant District Grand Masters and the officers and Brethren of District Grand Lodge of Germany, I have much pleasure to inform you of,
the 33rd  Annual District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in Germany Meeting.

The  Meeting will commence at Gasthof Zum Frieden 41, 49186 BAD IBURG, Germany, on the 27th June 2020 commencing at 11:00 hrs. The Brethren are requested to be seated by 10:45 hrs.

It is the wish of the District Grand Master that you communicate this invitation to all Brethren and also inform them of a Ladies event that will take place at Bad Iburg while the Brethren are in the meeting, providing there are enough attendees.

You are to communicate this to the Brethren in open lodge, also ensure all the Brethren are notified.   

yours Fraternally
Mark well
D John Mc Dougall PGSD

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