Royal Mark Mariners History

Royal Mark Mariner Masonry
The Royal Mark Mariner Degree
The prerequisite for Elevation into this beautiful degree is that a candidate must be a Mark Master Mason.

It seems that the Degree of Royal Ark Mariner (R.A.M.) came into being between 1730 and 1780 when many new degrees appeared in the United Kingdom. However, the earliest record of the degree being worked is at Bath, England in 1790. Different forms of the degree were used by the ‘Moderns’ and ‘Antients’ Grand Lodges. These Grand Lodges later joined together to form the United Grand Lodge of England (U.G.L.E.) in 1813.

In 1871 the Royal Ark Mariner Degree came under the control of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons which had held their first meeting in 1856.

The Degree of Royal Ark Mariner, although worked under the aegis of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, has no real historical connection with the Mark Degree. In essence, the Royal Ark Mariner Degree stands alone and is entirely unrelated to any other Masonic degree. It is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and beautiful degrees that we find in Freemasonry.

The Royal Ark Mariner Degree is not only very beautiful and interesting but also contains valuable lessons. The Royal Ark Mariner degree is one of the oldest, if not the oldest rite in Masonry. As its name suggests, it is based on the legend of Noah and the great flood. The ceremony of Elevation refers particularly to the wisdom of Noah in constructing the Ark, his strength of character and the beauty of his workmanship. There are however, other significant messages; even for the experienced Mason, are a powerful reminder on our reliance of spiritual as well as material enlightenment. The rainbow coloured ribbon which decorates the regalia of the degree provides a colourful spectacle to all its ceremonies. Despite its great age, it is essentially a thinking man’s degree, conducted in a friendly, intimate and rewarding atmosphere.

How can a Master Mason become a Royal Ark Mariner in Germany?
It is required that a Master Mason must join a Mark Master Mason Lodge before he can become a Royal Ark Mariner.

If you are interested in joining the Royal Ark Mariners of the District of Germany please get in contact with the District Grand Secretary who will respond to you and help you get in contact with one of our representatives. To contact the District Grand Secretary go to ‘Contact’ on the menu on the homepage.

After contact to a representative has been established, you will be asked for proof of membership to verify your membership in a Lodge of Mark Master Masons. After that membership has been verified you may be given an application for membership in one of the Lodges in the District.

If you already come from a Lodge of Mark Master Masons, would like to visit one of our Lodges and/or would like an application for membership please contact the District Grand Secretary.