Become a member of RAM

Why participate in a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in Germany?

All brothers, the Mark Master Masons, are entitled to join the Old and Lord Brotherhood of the Royal Ark Mariners.
A Royal Ark Mariner Lodge is “fixed” to a Mark Loge and carries the same number of lodges, but is separate in every other respect. So that there are therefore 11 Royal Ark Mariner lodges within the district of Germany, unfortunately 1 of which is currently dormant.

The locations of these lodges can also be found on this website.
Depending on the tradition of the individual lodges, which are usually carried out in English, there are four lodges in which the ritual is promoted and also performed in German.

How do I become a member of the Royal Ark Mariner Loge in Germany?

If you decide to join a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in the district of Germany, and we hope you will, you should first contact the secretary of the Royal Ark Mariner Lodge near you or alternatively the district secretary who will advise you. and can help with the implementation so that you can get in touch with a RAM log.
After contacting a log, you must complete an application form that can be downloaded from this website.

You will then be asked by the lodge secretary to have your Mark Grand Logen certificate and a safety certificate drawn up by your lodge and the details of your mooring career within this lodge, which you indicate on the application form, Have.

They are then proposed, and in open box in the same way as in the mark degree to be balled. The bullet in your favor causes the uplift ceremony and you become a member of this Old and Lord Brotherhood of Royal Ark Mariners.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the district secretary.