Greetings, fellow brethren!

thrilled to share with you the highlights of our recent gathering at ATALodge 1642 in Köln on 23 March 2024, where esteemed brethren including AGM John McDougal (P.G.S.D) and DGSec Malcolm Parham (P.A.G.D.C) had the privilege of attending a momentous meeting.


Mark Degree Advancements

One of the most memorable aspects of our meeting was the opportunity to advance four dedicated brethren into the esteemed Mark Degree. It was a profound occasion marked by camaraderie, solemnity, and a deep sense of purpose. Witnessing our fellow brethren take this significant step in their Masonic journey was truly inspiring and serves as a testament to the commitment we all share to uphold the principles of our craft.