The Rainbow

In order to strengthen charitable involvement and use the funds locally, a charity collection was set up under the symbol of the rainbow. Their task is to serve exclusively charitable and charitable purposes.

These are the promotion and dissemination of the idea of tolerance and humanity and international understanding, the selfless support of disabled children and young people and other needy people who, as a result of their physical, mental or mental need the help of others, or whose remuneration is not higher than that in Section 53 para. the standard rate of social assistance referred to in the AO.

The symbol of the ROYAL-ARK-MARINER-Logs, the rainbow, which is in the First Book of Moses Cape. 9, verse 13 is mentioned, in the picture “The Rainbow” encloses a globe. The multi-coloured ribbon in conjunction with the worldwide brother chain is a symbol of harmony and harmony that people are supposed to connect.

The blocks in the lower right part of the picture represent the people who are inserted into the building in right-angled or irregular shapes, held by the keystone, the symbol of the MARK logs.

Karitive Association “The Rainbow” in the
Association of Mark Maurer and Royal Ark Mariner e.V.
the District Grand Lodge of Mark Meister Maurer in Germany

Brother Walter Kapsberger (*1938 +1998) has composed an impressive painting from these symbols. A high-quality colour printing on a folding card is offered for sale.


The District Grand Lodge has sponsored this image “The Rainbow”. Its motto is: Through the proceeds of the pictures and maps, Freemasons help people in need.

Donation box “Klüpfel”


The Fund was founded in 1868 to provide help and support to Mark Masters, who are in distress, their widows and children.

In order to raise money, a festival is organized every year. The organization is delegated to a province or district.

Every brother or lady who takes over the office of festival creator is expected to pay a fee into the Schaffner-Fond. This fund is intended solely to cover the costs of the festival. Revenues are posted and billed separately from the actual support fund. Each single-payer receives a Schaffner-Bijou, which has been specially designed for this festival.

With a donation of at least PST 50.00 and the payment of a fee of PST 4.00, each brother and lady can take over such a sheepskin office (h.c.). Conductors of the respective year who wish to participate in the festive dinner can do so if they pay the fee. You can bring ladies or guests with you if the cost contributions are paid.

Every sponsor and patron and every lodge that meets the requirements will receive a Caritas-Bijou of the Mark Support Fund free of charge.

The following provisions apply:

a. Aprerequisite is a donation of at least PST 50.00 plus the fee of PST 4.00 for the Schaffneramt at the festival

b. Whoever donates at least PST 130.00 and thus fulfils the requirement to become a sponsor, receives the corresponding collar strap free of charge and the Caritas-Bijou is offered to him

c. Whoever donates at least PST 500.00 and thus fulfils the condition to become a patron, will receive the collar for cartridge free of charge If he has not yet received the Caritas-Bijou according to “b'”, it will be offered to him

d. Logs reach the status of sponsor lodge or patronage lodge if they donate at least PST 130.00 or PST 500.00 for each 10 ordinary members.

e. Asponsor’s lodge receives the appropriate collar band free of charge and the Caritas-Bijou The reigning master of the lodge is required to wear both in order to make clear the charitable commitment of the brothers

f. Apatronage lodge receives the corresponding collar tape and also the Caritas-Bijou, if ‘the lodge has not already received the Caritas-Bijou according to Re’. The reigning master of the lodge is again required to wear both in order to make the charitable commitment of the brothers.

Brothers can contribute their donations to the Mark Support Fund at any time, regardless of whether they want to become a festival creator or generally want to make a contribution.

All donations are to be paid to the district gift keeper