News 2015

Special features and events 2015

At this year’s District Grand Lodge Meeting in Bad Iburg on 27 June 2015, a cornerstone was once again awarded,

the award went to W Bro. Allan Morecroft PDistGJO – Keys of Munster No. 1515 in Frankfurt am Main


One of the highlights of the “District Grand Lodge of MMM of Germany” in 2015 was the addition of 14 new Brr. to the Tremonia Lodge No. 1612 in Hannover on 24 / 25.07.2015

Thanks to the strong commitment, years of intensive preparation and acquisition of new Brr. by WBro. Wolfgang M Kempen PDGSwdB, tremonia Lodge No. 1612 could be reactivated under his direction as MvSt

Thank you s. ehrw. DGM to the ehrw. Brr. of the DGL and to the Brr. from Hamburg / Rope and Anchor, Herford / Rose of Minden, Bielefeld / Britannia, and Kassel / Sparrenburg, for the fraternal support !

It was only through this joint effort that this good result could be achieved.

With now 21 Brr. and on 14.11.2015 with another 6 Brr. this now strong Mark Loge is going to a positive future with the leading World Championships. counter. Due to this good development, a strong RAM log of the Tremonia No. 1612 will be able to work again.